Tips for Seniors During The Holiday Season
At Interim HealthCare of the Treasure Coast we know the holiday’s can be a challenge for you for a number of reasons. The holidays are stressful for everyone, but for seniors the holidays can bring added stress. From how to handle travel (if traveling is difficult for them), uprooted routines, and even depression. Our goal is to keep you safe, healthy and happy during the holiday season. Here are some tips to help:

*Try to keep familiarity of faces
While the holidays can be a happy time, aspects of the holidays can bring sadness to many seniors who have lost loved ones. Ease stress by surrounding yourself or your senior loved one with familiar faces of friends, family members or caregivers. Don't isolate yourself or your senior loved one. Keeping familiar faces in their life makes a world of difference. Invite your loved one to share their favorite memories of past holidays.

*Keep a set plan of activities
Plan your activities ahead of time and be aware how they may affect you and your senior loved one. Limit the number of activities and/or the length of them if you or your senior companion gets tired. If it’s a long family filled fun day, see if there's a room available for a nap. As your planning activities, be sure to keep in mind how it affects your loved one.

*Keep expenses to a low
Be sensitive of seniors on a fixed budget with limited funds. Set a specific holiday budget and stick to it. Not paying attention to expenses can put extra stress on your senior loved one.

*Be sensitive
It’s important not to ask someone who may be struggling recalling things, ‘Don’t you remember?’ Just like you wouldn’t ask a senior who uses a walker to climb a flight of stairs, don’t ask your loved one to try and remember something they can't.

*Beat the blues
S.A.D (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is an illness brought on by lack of sunlight. It’s important to make extra effort or time for activities that increase your senior loved ones' exposure to sunlight, especially if they're confined indoors. Activities include enjoying a picnic at a park or walking your neighborhood. 
Do you have a senior loved one who may be lonely this holiday season? Interim HealthCare Treasure Coast is here to help you. We can provide home health aides to provide personal care and support to meet your loved ones' needs. Call us at 561-616-9500 for more information!