Why invest in Long-Term Care insurance?
Investing in Long-Term Care insurance can help cover the costs of services not covered by regular health insurance or Medicare. According to nerdwallet.com, this includes assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, medication reminders, transportation, light housekeeping), care for chronic conditions like Alzheimer's and reimbursement for care you receive in your home, nursing home, assisted living facility or adult day care center.

According to a study by the Urban Institute and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, about half of 65 year olds will develop a disability and require some long-term care services. Most will need care for less than two years, but around 14% require care for more than five years.

What age should I start investing in Long-Term Care insurance?
Dave Ramsey from DaveRamsey.com suggests “waiting until age 60 to buy long-term care insurance because the likelihood of you filing a claim before then is slim. An estimated LTC premium for a healthy 50-year-old man is $1,657 per year. If the policy remains in effect until this person is 95, he can spend approximately $74,565 in LTC premiums. For a healthy 60-year-old man, an estimated premium is $1,811. If he keeps the policy until he’s 95, it can cost him $63,385 overall.” 

Don't be surprised if your premium goes up after you purchase your policy.
In the last several years, the cost of claims were higher than expected and regulators approved rate increases to ensure insurance companies have enough money to continue paying claims.