What to know before choosing a home care agency for your loved one

What to know before choosing a home care agency for your loved one
Before deciding on a home care agency, it's important to know the answers to these questions:
  1. How many hours of service does my senior loved one need? See if the home care agency offers an in-home consultation to determine what types of services you need. Do you need assistance with activities of daily living (shopping, housekeeping, bathing) a few times a week or around the clock care, 7 days a week?
  2. How does the agency pick the caregiver for you? See if you have a choice in who you're assigned and if you can meet the caregiver before services start.

  3. How can you pay for services? Some options include medicare, medicaid, private insurance, long term care insurance and private pay.

  4. Can you read reviews from previous clients? See if the agency has testimonials from previous clients.

  5. Are caregivers trained, background checked and drug tested before they're hired?

  6. What do you do if something happens to my loved one while in your care? Find out the home care agency's emergency protocols.

  7. Do supervisors regularly monitor the caregivers performance? If so, how often and what's their evaluation include?

    We hope these questions help you decide on the right home care agency for your family.