How In-Home Care can help Multiple Sclerosis patients
March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month!

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease that tends to worsen over time. MS patients may experience chronic fatigue, chronic pain, muscle stiffness, vertigo and brain fog that can make it difficult to maintain their quality of life at home. Our In-Home care team can help by providing:

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living like bathing and dressing

  • Physical Therapy to promote mobility

  • Occupational Therapy to enhance independence with activities of daily living

  • Speech language pathology treatments to maintain effective speech and swallowing

  • Medication reminders, assistance and administration

  • Respite care to the individual’s caregivers

  • Assistance with routine home management issues such as housekeeping or laundry

  • Attendance to problems of elimination, such as catheter management, bowel management

Our team is ready to help your in-home needs to maintain a high quality of life and comfort. Call us today for an in-home consultation at 561-616-9500.